404.2.3 Clear Width.

   Door openings shall provide a clear width of 32 inches (815 mm) minimum. Clear openings of doorways with swinging doors shall be measured between
   the face of the door and the stop, with the door open 90 degrees.

404.2.8.1 Door Closers and Gate Closers.

Door closers and gate closers shall be adjusted so that from an open position of 90 degrees, the time required to move the door to a position of 12 degrees
   from the latch is 5 seconds minimum.

404.2.9 Door and Gate Opening Force.

Fire doors shall have a minimum opening force allowable by the appropriate administrative authority. The force for pushing or pulling open a door or gate
   other than fire doors shall be as follows:

  • Interior hinged doors and gates: 5 pounds (22.2 N) maximum. (These forces do not apply to the force required to retract latch bolts or disengage
    other devices that hold the door or gate in a closed position.)

404.2.10 Door and Gate Surfaces.

Swinging door and gate surfaces within 10 inches (255 mm) of the finish floor or ground measured vertically shall have a smooth surface on the push side
   extending the full width of the door or gate. Parts creating horizontal or vertical joints in these surfaces shall be within 1/16 inch (1.6 mm) of the same plane
   as the other. Cavities created by added kick plates shall be capped.